Anna Fine Foer decided she was going to be an artist when she was 11—the year she lived in Paris for a summer, visiting every museum and gallery in the city. As a fibres and crafts student at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts), she became fascinated by the relationship between maps and the land they represent, embarking on a lifelong interest in maps and collage.

Anna emigrated to Israel, where she worked as a textile conservator in Haifa and at Tel Aviv’s Ha'Aretz Museum. She studied at the Textile Conservation Centre at London’s Courtauld Institute, then worked in conservation for the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. All this time, she continued to work with collage, creating landscapes that had mystical or political significance and depicted three dimensions on a two-dimensional plane.

Anna now lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her two sons. She continues to work in collage, creating work that explores religious, spiritual, and scientific themes. In addition, she creates custom Jewish-themed pieces including ketubot, or wedding contracts, and collages for bar and bat mitzvahs depicting each child’s Torah portion.

Anna's work has appeared at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Maryland Governor's Mansion, and the Israeli Embassy; one of her pieces is in the permanent collection of the Haifa Museum of Art and the Kaballah Museum in Be'er Sheva. She was awarded the Encouragement of Young Artists prize for work exhibited in the Artist's House in Jerusalem and received a Maryland State Arts Council grant for Individual Artists in 2008.